A Deadly Distance

A Deadly Distance is a mystery thriller novel with suspense. This is the second chapter in the Jack Noble novel series which is written by L. T. Ryan. He is a renowned American author who used to write thriller, mystery, and suspense novels. Path of Bones is the first chapter of his A Cassie Quinn Mystery series which went on to become a really big hit. This novel was of course within his comfort zone of a mystery thriller and would make a great read for everyone who loves mystery thrillers. Noble Beginnings is a genre fiction novel by L. T. Ryan which is another sensational book that will make you fall in love with it. This book is the first chapter of another great series of the author with the title of Jack Noble.

A Deadly Distance audiobook is narrated by Dennis Holland. The narration was, monotonous, boring and so much low in energy that it might put you to sleep after a few minutes.

It was the mid-day in Washington DC. A man was standing at a bus stop waiting for something, while his intentions were all unknown. A couple of government agents were talking to him for quite a few days. They were waiting for him to make his move. The man unexpectedly makes his move and started running. He was headed straight to a vacant warehouse. Jack Noble and Frank Skinner, his partner thought that this suspicious man is from some terrorist organization. They assume that he is deeply involved in smuggling weapons, drugs, and as well as men into the country. But, it seems like their plan has a lot of export than import, which hits quite close to the home. Just as the case began to unfold, the suspicious man behind all this reaches out to Jack Noble. He had a very simple message for him which says ’37 hours’.

A Deadly Distance is a very entertaining and compelling novel that will inspire all the fans of mystery thriller books. It was a kind of a bad performance that took quite a bit from the great story that L. T. Ryan.

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