Lizzy Gardner in this first part of the series is presented as the lucky girl who escaped out of the deadly claws of death fourteen years ago. She was abducted by a serial killer who used to call himself the Spiderman. That serial killer used to play with the teenage girls before putting them down to rest permanently. Lizzy was also one of those selected ones but after remaining in the trap for months she was able to escape after which the Spiderman had to hide in an underground web forever. Nothing was found in the places which Lizzy told about but she was glad that she was out of that misery at last. After that, the girl devoted her life to the service of humanity and especially to girls who go down such circumstances in life. Fourteen years have passed now when the story of the novel originally starts and Lizzy is a self-defense instructor and a well-groomed investigator too. The pains and torments of the past have become faint in the memory but they never disappeared permanently.
Then a telephone call rewrites a new story in the mind of this sole survivor when she comes to know that Spiderman is coming for her once again and he will not show mercy this time. Author T.R. Ragan tells us about the feelings of a girl who has been wronged in a big way in her childhood. Now she just cannot get out of that web which has affected her mind a great deal. Kate Rudd narrates every book in the same efficient way; this novel is clear in voice quality. Don’t Make a Sound and Out of Her Mind had an impact on the minds of the listeners, this book does not only creates an impact rather it scares you to the core of your heart. On most occasions, we feel pity for Lizzy who has suffered a lot undeservedly.

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