After I Do

It’s amazing to observe ideas pouring out of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s mind always in a new way thus forming new colorful patterns. Most of the couples in the west or we can say all around the globe fail to enjoy the fruits of marriage fully and still the marriage goes on. The couples don’t want to live together and at the same time they want to keep the wedding rings intact so that they can keep up with the social circle that they have. But this is not enough if you want to have all the fun and satisfy all of your desires. Lauren and Ryan too bear the same difficulty and they have a plan of their own.

They decide to separate without breaking the marriage bond so that they can feel that do they have the potential to live an independent life. Both start to walk on their separate ways and promise not to contact one another during the one year span.

They are allowed to learn about the experience that the other partner is having through the emails. As they move further they start to explore life in an entirely new way. The difference between love and lust is finally understood by this novel, it is a one crazy ride not advisable for all the married couple though. It is fun to observe how Jenkins produces books such as Evidence of the Affair and Maybe in Another Life , the characters are not fictional at all.

Everything is borrowed from the real world that has been author’s main strength. Tara Sands has done well as a narrator, not awesome but still appreciable.


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