Alumni: A Divine Dungeon Series

Alumni: A Divine Dungeon Series is a science fiction fantasy. It is a book apt for teen audience but the adults may also find their excitement within. The book is a chapter out of the Artorian’s Archives. Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout tag teamed as the authors of this novel and presented a never before told story, which the audience cherished a lot.

A couple of good recommended books that this pair has written are: Annex (A Divine Dungeon Series) and Axiom: A Divine Dungeon Series. Both these books are also part of the Artorian’s Archives and so they are part of the science fiction genre.

The narration of Alumni: A Divine Dungeon Series is done by Travis Baldree who was also the narrator in the prequel chapter. He did a fantastic job, which the listeners adored for his good pronunciation and quality of expression and emotion.

You will find Astorian in this novel with his decision to live and all in order for the sake of saving his lost children. His last battle up against a very simple raider showed that if he looks to go ahead, he would die. All with the support of his captors, Astorian progress on the way of a real cultivator. He is blessed with well-tuned cultivation, skills and finesse as well. Astorian is fully open to learn as this is what his specialty is.

The book is quite emotional and if you are able to relate with the characters then you may cry as well. You will just fell in live with the main protagonist Artorian for all his flaws, quarks and curiosity. It is a must read for all the science fiction lovers.




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