Ask, Tell

Ask, Tell is a romance, lesbian literature, contemporary romance, and LGBT literature novel authored by E. J. Noyes. It is the introductory installment of the Ask, Tell Series. It focuses on the story of Captain Sabine Fleischer who is an established US Army surgeon serving in a combat hospital in Afghanistan. She is among the thousands of troops who work under silent discrimination because of the army’s anti-gay policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The author is an established writer of the LGBT genre. Do check out other works from her such as If the Shoe Fits. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Ask Me Again.

The narration is expertly performed by Abby Craden. She is marvelous in the portrayal of our main characters.

This story revolves around the romance of Captain Sabine Fleischer and Colonel Rebecca Keane. Sabine is having a tough time dealing with her emotions. She is dealing with a lack of privacy, loneliness, isolation, sleep deprivation, and loss. Her long-term relationship with a civilian back home is also being affected.

Rebecca runs the surgical unit like clockwork. She is well-liked by her peers, a bit too admired by some, including Sabine. She knows the Colonel is off-limits, but can’t help fantasizing about her. Then there are the little incidents that get Sabine hopeful. It’s the shy glance, a secret smile, and the brush of hands that gets Sabine excited. Or is it her imagination? Rebecca’s wedding ring shines quite bright.

This is not only a romance book but it also does a great job of depicting the lives of soldiers deployed to other countries. Overall, it is a fun read that features great chemistry between the two women.

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