Karin Slaughter’s latest book about the mysteries related to Sara Linton starts with a dead body of a professor. The professor had gone missing for several days and then his dead body is found in a very bad state. It seems that somebody has tried to dispose of the body but he failed and that’s where Sara i.e the autopsy expert comes to play her role. It is her autopsy that decides what has happened to the professor and it might also provide a clue that might lead towards the criminal. Sara’s ex-husband is now the chief of police and he too is on to the case in a flash. The case gets messy when another dead body is found which brings Lena Adams to the case as well. Lena Adams is a detective by profession and also happens to be the sister of the victim. Lena wants to punish the criminal in her way but she cannot reach him on her own.

Only Sara can tell the detail about this strange killing mission that kills for pleasure. After The Silent Wife and The Good Daughter, this one is a specially designed story for those who love mysteries related to psychopaths. The serial killer involved in this novel treats the dead bodies in an ill way which depicts the condition of his mind that is narrated by Kathleen Early. At every step, there is evidence that is folded in between the scenes very beautifully by the author. The killer does not appear before us like a shocker; the author first prepares our mind for it and then brings him in front of us.

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