Blood Rites

Jim Butcher’s sixth book in the series The Dresden Files is Blood Rites. It is a fantasy and mystery novel continuing with the story of wizard detective Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. It is filled with sizzling magic and immense intrigue that will have you hooked for a long. Make sure to check out Summer Knight and Grave Peril written by Jim.

The narrator of this book is James Marsters. He has evolved with the series as the pairing goes very well hand in hand. You would have a hard time accepting anyone else’s voice as Harry’s at this point in this series.

Harry has accepted a job from his White Court acquaintance Thomas Raith. This is not long after he acquires a stray puppy from a kidnapped little. He is to investigate a series of deaths on a pornography set. Soon after, an entropy curse almost kills two more people that forces Lara Raith to come in as a replacement actress. She is another White Court vampire. She decides to kill both Harry and Thomas for being involved. However, an attack by Black Court forces a truce between them and they flee to Raith’s mansion.
Something is puzzling about Harry’s new case. There are worse cases than going on the set of an adult film. Harry only decided to get into this mess as a favor to his acquaintance Thomas. Thomas is a self-absorbed, flirtatious vampire displaying questionable integrity. But it seems like he has a personal stake in all of this that Harry just can’t figure out. And where did this Lara character come from? What’s her connection with all of this? As Harry is about to find out, he’s about to discover Thomas’s family in ways he can’t imagine. And that will reveal secrets about himself that he may not be prepared to handle.

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