Buried in Black

A brand new series by J.T. Patten who has always amazed the fans with his new creations that keep you engage all the time. Not only you start liking the characters but there is always a relation established between you and the character. The novel moves on two levels first one is the personal life of the hero and the second is his or her professional life.

Here too Drake Woolf’s personal life starts affecting his professional one which is not good for the person who always remained vigilant and focused. Drake the man from the Orange group has been working for the CIA for quite a while now and has lead mission of extreme importance with superb accuracy.

This time however the mission that is assigned to him by the CIA seems to be tougher than it looks. He is told to terminate a group of people in Iraq, this is not an unusual thing for the super agent but the problem is that the group was got all the training from Drake. He trained the group during a mission in Iraq and now the group has gone rogue and it has all the secrets of the CIA. For Drake it is like fighting his own shadow because the Iraqi group knows all the tricks that he possesses in his sleeve.

A bit associated to The Presence of Evil and Safe Havens: Shadow Masters but still it this new series stands tall in comparison to all of writer’s work in the past. Steve Marvel depicts the race against time in a high passion and the narrator has done justice with the part that needed such a kick in narration in the first part.







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