Caught in the Revolution

Caught in the Revolution I a historical memoir of Petrograd, Russia of 1917. The book is written by Helen Rappaport. She is a British writer and a former actress. In nonfiction literary writing, she specializes in revolutionary Russia and the Victorian era. The Race to Save the Romanovs is one more good book from Helen Rappaport. Another good title from her is The Romanov Sisters.

The audio narration of Caught in the Revolution is done by Xe Sands. It was a perfect narration with everything related to vocal performance in order. Petrograd was in total turmoil between the first revolution of February 1917 and then the Bolshevik coup of Lenin in October. The foreign visitors filled up all the clubs, hotels, and embassies and they were well aware of the chaotic situation there. The situation was escalating right out of their doorsteps and as well as beneath the windows.

The count of the disparate group included diplomats, journalists, governesses, bankers, expatriate socialites, and volunteer nurses. Many of them kept diaries and also wrote letters back home. There was also an English nurse who was one of the survivors of the Titanic.

It is a page-turner that comes from the bestselling author in New York Times. The author is a great storyteller and offered the audience some great content. She draw upon the rich material of the subject matter and shared some fresh content as well, which wasn’t published ever before. He told about the outbreak of the significant Russian Revolution that came from the eyewitness accounts of the foreign nationals who saw all the drama in front of themselves. The detailing of the situations in this book is excellent.

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