Cherringham – A Cosy Crime Series Compilation

Cherringham – A Cosy Crime Series Compilation is chapter nine of Cherringham Compilations which is a mystery thriller. It is written by Matthew Costello and co-authored by Neil Richards. They both are prolific writers of mystery thrillers and have given together excellent books where A Shot in the Dark is their best one.

 Danger in the Air is another top novel from the authors’ duo and you cannot afford to miss this one, being a mystery thriller fan. These recommended books which are written by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards sound great in audio. It is because of their excellent narration which makes the real difference between the audio and print versions of the same books. The narration of this chapter is done by Nathaniel Parker. It was an excellent performance and you will enjoy the way Nathaniel presented the strongly written characters.

Amelia Earhart, a famous aviatrix has arrived in England. She was on a mission there to raise funds for her continent-spanning air rally. It would be an adventure with all the female pilots only. Lady Lavinia supported Amelia in the cause naturally and invited her to spend her time at Mydworth Manor.

But, when the life of Amelia is threatened then Kat and Harry should look to find out who is behind this deadly game. This game had the potential to become fatal in no time so the quick response was of the essence.

The book has a lovely couple and you would love all of their adventures for sure. Kudos to the authors’ duo for their amazing writing. It was equally well performed by Nathaniel Parker. This novel is recommended to mystery-thriller fans.

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