Closer Than You Think

Life is full of ironies and tragedies, the more we try to run away from these two things the more they tend to follow us at full speed. It is Faith Corcoran to whom author Karen Rose takes us for a visit. Faith is a psychologist who is trying to escape from a stalker but somehow those shadows just keep on following her. Happenings around here are making her life completely miserable. She cannot enjoy the beauty of nature and the energy of youth that she currently possesses. After a lot of thinking, she decides to go back to the house of her grandmother for a change. Change however does not prove very positive for her because she gets stuck with those old memories that she thought she has escaped years ago. Here the novel gets graver than Say You’re Sorry and Into the Dark because of the memories. When Faith reaches Cincinnati case of two college girls spread like wildfire in the neighborhood.
Deacon Novak who happens to be an FBI agent decides to investigate and during this investigation, he meets Faith. A bond is formed between the two instantly and together they start searching for the missing girls. It does not take long before Faith realizes that the case is also somehow linked to her past. The horrors that she tried to forget are still there in the village and she has to put an end to them to save the girls. Hillary Huber narrates the male character with more energy because it looks more of a female dominating novel so the only male character needed the energy to prove his worth.

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