Conflict of Interest


Conflict of Interest is the 5th instalment in the Joe Dillard novel series. It is a fantastic book written by Scott Pratt, who has got excellent grip in crime mystery genre. This series specifically is a legal thriller where the prime character of Joe Dillard is a defense attorney and get some really tough criminal cases to handle. The author Scott Pratt has done a marvelous job here with his characters and storyline. Reasonable Fear and In Good Faith are mystery thrillers from Scott that are worth investing your time.

Conflict of Interest is narrated by Tim Campbell. He was quite impressive with his soulful voice and expression, which the listeners were able to connect with.

A six years old girl is abducted from one of the oldest towns in Tennessee. The ransom note comes in with a demand of millions of dollars. Dillard is hired in order to represent the parents of the abducted child. As the time goes on, he tries desperately to find the missing girl but his personal issues were causing great concentration issues for him, which were reflecting on the case. One issue was the return of the dreaded diseases in his wife. There was also a stunning appearance of his dad that triggered his emotions to their limit. However, he went on by giving his best possible input where a lot of twists in between makes this story more interesting.

The book was great but could have been better if it was longer. Audience normally expect a good audiobook to last for around 10 hours or so but this one is just a little over 6 hours. Nevertheless, the content and performance was excellent.


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