Just when the fans thought that the super powereds showdown ended Drew Hayes proves that it was just the beginning of another series. Not in the school, the heroes fight outdoor now against real enemies that can actually kill them and destroy the whole universe with it. One in particular is the enemy that can eat them all up in no time if he reaches his full strength. By the look of things that time is not far away when that evil devil whom no hero can stop will reach to his full potential.

The man who got rid of this monster first is not allowed to enter the domain of the heroes because of the crime that he has committed. And it was observed in Super Powereds: Year 3 and Super Powereds: Year 4 that several heroes were banished because of suspicion. Titan is one of those banished freaks and the society does not want him back.

Owen Daniels has other plans; he is ready to take the risk because the doom is approaching near. He brings Titan back but nobody wants him on the team, even when Owen thrushes him into one the teammates are not friendly.

All of this does not matter because the whole group of heroes is going to need him in the battlefield when the demon returns in full strength. It is a lovely audio work by Kyle McCarley who narrated the previous series and knows the exact demand of the scenes. Some of the characters are from the previous books thus the voice of the narrator brings the old memories back to us.


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