Cragbridge Hall, Book 2

Fantasy goes to the next level when Abby and Derick join the school for their second session and along with their studies they have some responsibilities too. They are the kids from the family that owns the place thus it is their responsibility to guard everything in it. The enemies have been troubling the family and the institute since the beginning of Cragbridge Hall, Book 1. Institute is loaded with secrets and secret powers because of which danger never departs from it. After seeing the courage of the twins their grandfather adds them in the Council of Keys when they weren’t expecting it.

Every member of the council has a key that can help to travel back in time and change it of course. But the members have never tried to do such a thing they have been busy in securing the keys from the accursed enemies.

The members were under threat since the beginning but now they are found unconscious one after the other and their keys disappearing after the incident is more troubling for the Council. Abby or Derick could be the next victims until the find the criminal behind the activity first.

If they don’t know one would remember that such an act was ever done as the keys provide the bearer the power to go back in time and alter it according to his will. Not a bad job once again by Kirby Heyborne and it always is a thumb up sign by the listeners. Stage is set now for The Impossible Race the final chapter of this epic struggle that takes the twins to places they never expected to see. Now they are immune to the dangers and threats and act more wisely in their decisions.




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