Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon is a thriller and suspense novel written by John Sandford. It is book no. 1 of the series – A Virgil Flowers. If you want to read a book where you will keep guessing what’s coming ahead as you turn the pages, give this a try. Also, consider other novels from the author like Ocean Prey and Rules of Prey.

Eric Conger has narrated this audiobook. He doesn’t have a gravelly voice but keeps a nice pace and tone throughout the book. You could find his voice too monotonous for your liking. Still, his characters and convincing as a credit to his on spot accent.

Virgil Flowers had been running around between the army and the police and various other departments. He was only looking for the hard stuff. Lucas brought him into the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and promised him his fair share of tough assignments.

Flowers, who is in his late thirties, tall, lean, and three times divorced, finally gets a piece of the action. A house in the small town of Bluestem explodes into flames. Trapped inside the house is a man named Judd. People despise this man, and for good reason. He scammed townsfolk to such a degree that caused farmers to go out of business. He has performed dicey activities with the wives of other men. He’s even involved with some religious nutcase up to no good.
But that’s not all to justify Flower’s presence in the town. There have been a couple of murders in the previously considered peaceful town. He knows that this is no coincidence, and he has to get to the bottom of this. If not, the next victim might be himself.

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