Dead as a Doornail

Dead as a Doornail is a mystery thriller. It is the 5th chapter in the Sookie Stackhouse novel series. Charlaine Harris has written it in a very interesting style. Her writing style involves mystery thrillers. Some of her thrillers are adapted in TV series as well. The top novels from Charlaine that you cannot afford to miss are Living Dead in Dallas and Dead Until Dark.

Johanna Parker is a god narrator and the performance was right up to the mark. However, the audio quality was a bit low as the voices weren’t much clean in comparison to the previous chapters of the series.

Sookie is a highly skilled telepath and also a cocktail waitress in Louisiana. She was also a close friend to vampires. She is someone with a very solid fan base that was growing bigger and bigger with every passing day. It was all because of the strong mind-reading potential that tends to spook everyone around her. The majority of the friends of Sookie are the ones with a variety of not like humans.

The supernatural world all of a sudden becomes a family affair when Sookie’s brother is looking to convert into a were-panther for the very first time. Her feelings transformed into complete shock and terror when she realized that a lethal sniper is all set to gun down the local changelings. She must do anything and everything to stop the killer before we could see the next moon. All this was only possible f the killer doesn’t get to her in the first place.
Dead as a Doornail is a great installment in the Sookie Stackhouse novel series. The narration in terms of audio quality was quite poor in comparison to chapter four.

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