Dead in Her Tracks

Dead in Her Tracks is the second chapter of the Rogue Winter novel series. It is a suspenseful mystery thriller novel which is written by Kendra Elliot. She is an American writer who is mainly known for writing some amazing romantic and thrilling suspense books. She has multiple well-written series to her name. A Merciful Silence book from Kendra Elliot is rated among her best works. Moreover, her Bred in the Bone novel also received excellent reviews.

Kate Rudd narrated this mystery thriller. It was a stellar performance by Kate which will make this audiobook experience awesome.

It was Christmas morning when a murder was unwrapped.

This was not how Zane Duncan, the Police Chief expected to enjoy Christmas time for the first time with Stevie Taylor. She was her fellow officer and girlfriend as well. However, the Christmas holiday time for the couple took a really grim turn when calls in and reported that a couple of dead bodies were discovered. This is the second case of a murder in Solitude and that too within a week. It all happened even though the main suspect was already arrested. Zane and Stevie together have to face a highly disturbing truth regarding the case. Their tiny town may be harboring a couple of vicious killers and things don’t look good.

Just as they both started to go deeper into the background checks of both the longtime residents and the newcomers in the town, new challenges were faced. Stevie and Zane struggled a lot to adjust their lives while living under the same roof.

It is a short novel that lasts just under three hours in audio but it is fully packed with some great action and thrill. You will be having your time and money worth it.

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