Desert Heat

Desert Heat is a mystery thriller novel. It is the opening title of the Joanna Brady novel series which is written by J. A. Jance. She is a prolific American novelist of mystery thriller books. She had written at least three different series which are based on her strong detective character of J. P. Beaumont. If we talk about the individual novels then the Missing and Endangered are the best ones so far by the author. Dead to Rights is one more novel from the author which promises to be a great read.

Hillary Huber is the narrator of this book. She gave an average performance as she has a very limited range when it comes to having distinct voices for different characters.

A cop is there beneath the sweltering sun in Arizona. He was a local cop who might just have been in line in Cochise County to become the next sheriff. The police brass thought that Andy Brady was probably quite dirty and also pointed out his shooting as a suicide attempt. His devoted wife and mom of their 9 years old daughter know a cover-up when she got to hear about one, and also a murder probably when she sees it.

But all of her unwavering efforts to chase a killer and get the name of her husband cleared are placing Joanna Brady in harm’s way along with her surviving family. The stakes are quite high here.

The characters in this novel are superb and the situations shared are very much believable. The book is recommended to mystery thriller lovers despite a mediocre audio performance by Hillary Huber.

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