Devoted in Death

Ella-Loo and her boyfriend Darryl have a long sentimental story of their past, a past which they have left behind for years. The two lovers met each other a long time ago and when they thought they could be separated from one another they just eloped in their car. On the way, their car malfunctioned and they got into real trouble. However, they got rid of the trouble after a short time i.e by killing it. They became terrified when they killed the one who was coming in their way but the feeling didn’t last very long. The couple decided to make it a way of their livelihood and survival. So they started killing people for the sake of their own life and the thing has continued till the present day. Every time the two kill someone they leave their signature or trademark logo on the dead body. This time the body with the signature of E and D is found in the area of author J.D. Robb’s favorite creation i.e Eve Dallas.

Eve has proved her capabilities in Faithless in Death and Naked in Death but these two are different creatures. The couple has become professional and they are very difficult to catch now. Even with the help of her husband Roarke is on their tail and she is not ready to allow crime to flourish in her area. Susan Ericksen was expected to go a little high pitched in the novel but she remains in the old gear which is liked by the fans. Susan’s style has mingled well with Eve’s character that’s why no change is required in any of the portions.

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