Dirt is the second installment in the Stone Barrington novel series. This suspenseful mystery thriller is written by Stuart Woods. He is a prolific American writer who is known for writing some extremely compelling mystery thrillers. One of the most prominent novels by the author is Double Jeopardy, which is worth having a go at. Moreover, D.C. Dead is another novel that promises a lot of entertainment for the listeners.

The narration of this chapter is done by Tony Roberts. It was not an impressive narration. The British accent of Tony sounded more like Australian and it made this book not a very easy listen at all.

Amand Dart, the bicoastal columnist discovered soon that the tables have finally turned. She was disliked and feared for her poison pen and also for her ice-queen type of persona. The victim of some anonymous gossipmonger is faxing to the national opinion makers to reveal everything about the ongoing indiscretions with her. Amanda help of a lawyer from New York and Stone Barrington, the investigator to known about the one who faxed.

In tabloid journalism, everyone is a suspect. As the faxes tend to grow furthermore and started to expose the peccadilloes of Amanda and other members of the community then things changed drastically. Stone Barrington got some more leads which were too much to handle. The case was getting a lot complicated than Barrington could have imagined. The book has got solid characters and a very gripping storyline. The multiple twists throughout the book will keep you interested till the conclusion. The narration was not up to the mark, which disappointed a few listeners for being a difficult listen due to the tough accent of the author.

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