Detective Napoleon also known as Nap has solved many cases since the day he started investigating crimes professionally. Surely his status went higher and higher because of his performance but one thing still remains in his mind and he has not been able to get rid of that thing i.e the death of his twin brother Leo and his girlfriend near the rail road track. They were in high school in those days when the tragedy took place and since then Nap has been looking for answers which he hasn’t been able to find.

Not only that, he has been looking for the girl named Maura as well whom he used to love in the early days of his youth. That girl also vanished on the same day and nap thinks that she might be connected to the death of Leo and Diana. For years he has searched everywhere but no clue has ever been found and now after a span of fifteen years, Nap thinks that he finally has the clue. On the sight of a murder scene Nap finds Maura’s fingerprints which shows that she is still alive and is quite close to Nap.

Perhaps she never wanted to be found because of which she had kept herself away from Nap. Moreover Nap finds many deadly things about his close friends during the investigation and also about the place where he has been living all his life. Harlan Coben the writer who wrote The Match and The Boy from the Woods exceptionally well, has returned with another masterpiece in the form of this book. Steven Weber has also proved himself a good narrator after narrating this book which is perfect by all means.

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