Don’t Make a Sound

Don’t Make a Sound is a mystery thriller novel. It is the opening chapter of Sawyer Books novel series which is written by T. R. Ragan. He is any excellent American writer who has tried his pen in a variety of genres. Those genres include contemporary romance, travel romance and mystery thrillers. If you want to know about his best mystery thriller novel then it is his Don’t Make a Sound novel, hands down. After this one, going with his No Going Back book will be also an excellent idea which is also a brilliant mystery thriller from the same author.

The narration of this novel is done by Jennica Damon. It was an excellent performance and you must be acknowledging it after you finish listening to this book.

 Sawyer Brooks, a crime reporter was plagued with some traumatic memories from his childhood days. She still finds it hard to get control of her paranoia, rage, and life. After finally getting the much-deserved promotion at work. Sawyer is pushed for making a return back home and deal with her past.

River Rock is the place where she was abandoned by her two elder sisters for suffering all alone and in complete silence. She had to deal with the unspeakable and horrifying abuses of her complete family. It is also the place where the best friend Sawyer got disappeared and a couple of other girls were killed as well. There are three cases dead and were buried deep down with a few other secrets of the town.

Another girl soon gets killed in a known grisly manner. This was the time when Sawyer was determined to bring these crimes to an end. She was dragged back into the abuse of her family history. She must reconcile this time with both of her estranged sisters who have some shattering memories of their own.

This T. R. Ragan novel uses his usual formulaic approach with an atrocious issue that is improperly handled by law enforcement and society. The one with the wronged people who come with agreeable care in solving the crime and everyone in the book has a nickname. This is what this book is all about and you will still like it despite the predictability.

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