Heroic saga comes to the second part that starts with the dawn of a new chapter in Menolly’s life. The one thing that she wanted the most in her life was to enter the Harper Hall and as she enters the Hall successfully she realizes that her father was not the only opposing force that she had to face. The master Harper seems to dislike her to such an extent that he does not like her presence in the Hall.

Just because she is a girl the master is of the opinion that she is not worth enough to learn the secrets of the Hall. Luckily she has nine allies that have been helping her right from the first part Dragonsong: Harper Hall Trilogy, Volume 1. Thus there is no way she is leaving the passion for which she has come this far. Still despite of all the help one can see the restlessness building in Menolly in this part and it seems that she is facing a lot of difficulty that she cannot bear any further.

Perhaps she was never ready for all this she was of the opinion that once she gets into the Hall everything would be fine after that. But fate had something else in store for her. This part also rises certain questions that we hope would be answered in the final chapter, for example would Menolly be able to live out her dream and would she be able to help the people of Pern at the time of need.

Sally Darling gives out tiring sounds in the narration to convey the message that the little girl is really tired of the grind.



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