Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness is the 4th chapter in the Cincinnati novel series which is a mystery thriller. The author of this novel is Karen Rose. She is a bestselling author on an international level. She also won RITA Award. She is mostly into writing romantic suspense novels. Closer Than You Think is the book of the Cincinnati novel series which provided it with a grand start. Say Goodbye is also a recommended chapter written by Karen Rose which is from her The Sacramento Series.

The narration of this chapter is done by Hillary Huber. She did a fantastic job with a huge cast of characters while offering distinct voices for each. You really cannot ask for anything more here.

The detectives of Cincinnati question and everything that they ever know about, including all of those who they trust.

Adam Kimble, a homicide detective in no stranger at all especially when it comes to fighting demons. But, when it comes to Meredith Fallen then it falls into a completely different type of weakness. It is the one which could be quite good for him. Meredith Fallen has been in love with Adam Kimble for almost a year. She knows that how hard he has worked to handle his PTSD. All this makes her feel better and much stronger. It is her work that keeps her extremely busy. She is mostly involved in counseling sexually abused females. One example is Mallory Martin who was helped by Meredith to reintegrate back into the world.

The best part of this book is that how its storyline evolved on time and how beautifully it connected all of the characters. This audiobook is worth every hour of it especially when you get to hear it in the voice of Hillary Huber.

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