Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain

A fantastic fantasy once again brought out from the myths of old devils in a new style by A. Lee Martinez the writer who has been really rocking in his works. The author has written about vampires and kind of zombie hunters, but intergalactic stuff is a new zone.

Almost the entire solar system is under consideration that is now ruled by Mollusk. The scientist and Emperor at the same time Mollusk is a godly figure in the system. He has conquered all and captured everything there is in the system and now he is bored in the paradise that he has created.

He has explored planets and captured them, invaded the homes of different nations and at this point of time this evil or mad scientist is left with nothing to do. He tries to busy himself in the field of science, succeeds in a lot of new experiment, and discovers new things but all for nothing.

He does not want to retire still but the circumstances have made him retire because there is nothing else to do that he can enjoy. Then finally an opportunity arises and the earth i.e one of his favorite planets faces threat from the outer world and Mollusk thinks that the time has come to wear the uniform again.

The opportunity is new and so is the task which is not of invasion but rather he tries to save the earth from invasion. It’s a new thing Martinez had started in Scott Aiello’s voice, Monster and Helen & Troy’s Epic Road Quest were not of such kind. There was a talk about creatures that we read about in child’s stories in the previous works but here the writer deals with planetary invasion and science on a large scale.

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