Evidence of the Affair

Heartbroken condition of a woman forces her to write the kind of letters which in normal circumstances she would never have written. Disturbed psychologically and depressed mentally she is left with nothing else than to reveal her affairs in front of the audience. Taylor Jenkins Reid selects this new way of writing in which the writer presents before us the letters of the two lovers.

Strangely they have not met and still they have fallen in such an intense love for each other that cannot be explained in words. Story never opens as a whole in front of the listener it opens slowly one scene after the other. Or we can say that it opens with one letter and then the next. These two illicit lovers have secret passions and desires of which now they start talking rather in an open manner.


Carrie and David plan for the whole thing because of their partners who have been entangled in a love affair and have been cheating them since. It was Carrie who first gets hold of the letter that Janet, David’s wife sent to her husband. After that the secret was revealed and now the two of them want to seek the passion of love in one another. Different than Daisy Jones & The Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo in theme but not in approach. Julia Whelan and George Newbern’s voice dominate the narration section but not a bad job by James Daniels and Dara Rosenberg either. These four narrators narrate separate characters and the two that narrate Carrie and David gets the big share which was obvious.

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