Fallen Academy: Year One

Wonderful new fantasy for the teenagers as new heroes are born and no doubt not all the heroes are always legendary figures. There are some who get powers by selling their souls to the devil and plaguing their future.

The world is divided into two groups by the author Leia Stone, one group is that which follow the angels and is considered as the blessed one and the other of course is bound to the devil. Being in the demons troop means that you will not get a good life and after that you would be locked up in hell.

That’s why Brielle Atwater though that becoming a part of the angel world was the right thing to do. The thought was there in her mind all the time and then she found out that she has the black wings. She was just a kid when she signed the deed with the devil in order to safeguard his father and now the time is upon her to fulfill what she had signed for.

Wind of fortune blows for her and she finds Lincoln Grey on her side that lets her in the Fallen Academy. Thus Brielle thinks that she is saved from the demon world and now can live up to her dreams.

But the dreams are shattered once again when her true identity is revealed and she finds only Lincoln Grey on her side the man she cannot stop loving. Vanessa Moyen decorates this starter with her narration which never allows any objection from the fantasy lovers. It is advisable to listen to such series in order thus Fallen Academy: Year Two and Fallen Academy: Year Three should be the next book in the line on which you spend your precious weekend. Real joy ride for the teenagers and it is not PG so open for everyone for a trial.




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