Fifty Fifty

Fifty is a mystery thriller novel. It is the second chapter in the Detective Harriet Blue novel series. it is written by James Patterson and co-authored by Candice Fox. James Patterson is an American author who has got several successful series to his name. A few of his notable series include Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennet, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, Witch and Wizard, NYPD Red, and Private. He has also given numerous standalone thrillers, romance novels, and nonfiction books. The most prominent novels from James Patterson are The Red Book and The 6th Target: Booktrack Edition novels.

Federal Holmes is the narrator of this audiobook. She has a very heavy Australian accent. Further, you will also kind of lack emotion and acting ability in her voice.

What will be the chances for someone like Sam Blue to be innocent, who is already convicted of serial killings which involved three young women? Harriet Blue, the detective is almost certain that her brother has not committed the horrific crimes. She was determined to prove his innocence.

What exactly are the chances for Harry to find a seasoned killer in a small town which has a population of 75 only? A shocking plan was revealed through a diary that was found on the roadside. It outlined the massacre of the complete town. The first murder happened just shortly after the arrival of Harry and it suggests that the horrific serial killing has started already.

The writing of this novel is as always good, which you could expect from a novel which is written by James Patterson in the lead. The narration is not so good for the novel and James Patterson needs to reconsider this path and well before he loses his faithful followers.

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