Forging Hephaestus

Villains are those who violate the code of conduct but not Drew Hayes’ self created villains in this new upcoming series. The villains follow particular codes which they don’t violate at any rate. Tori Rivas considered it a joke until the day she was captured by the guild for a choice that will decide her fate forever. Tori have super powers no question about it but she never wanted to be a super hero like superman.

She works as a thief and steals for her pleasure and needs and when she tries to rob the vault that no one can touch she lands in big trouble. The guild gave her a choice to choose between death and an education given by the guild. Of course first option was good for nothing and she selected the second one.

She thought that her super powers would help her but being an apprentice at the guild proves far tougher than robbing their vault. The fellow apprentices are not friendly and the training is really hard. Lastly they have a code to follow in their fight against the accursed group that wants to end all. Only girlish voice of Amy Landon could have narrated this first book of the amazing series.

It is the rise of the villains which is extraordinary and really unbelievable to witness code in that world of crimes. Undeading Bells and Super Powereds: Year 4 is not a bad choice after listening to this wonderful piece of literature. Drew Hayes mostly writes for the youngsters and the children who like heroes with super powers thrown into battles that the apparently cannot win.

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