God of Magic 4

Epic finally approaches in perhaps the last part that we would see though Logan Jacobs still hasn’t given any hint related to it but the scenes provide the hint to the audience. Gabriel along with his Shadow Foxes has established a strong guild since the start of God of Magic 2. The guild has performed unimaginable tasks with the minimal of ease but now it has come to a certain uphill task. The guild is not facing a single enemy this time all of the thief guild have joined forces. They are on the same page for the first time and they want nothing less than the treasure of the city.

A single guild against the rest could prove to be the end of Gabriel and his Shadow Foxes unless they plan to perfection before time. The raw fighting does not look like an appropriate choice for any of the members of the guild. The magic controlling ability of Gabriel might hold the key but still nothing is for certain this time. The novel has everything that you are looking for sentiments, raw fighting scenes and magical illusions.

Logan not only brought some old creatures from Greek myth alive but created a few of his own as well. No break or weakness is there in the writing and narration. The series goes on with the same pair of Daniel Wisniewski and Rebecca Woods, the voices were not that much scintillating when heard in the initial books but now they have blended well. The two don’t try to speak out too much because much word is not needed in such stories only strong accent is required.





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