Goliath is a fictional novel. It is written by Tochi Onyebuchi. He is a Nigerian American author of science fiction and fantasy novels. Riot Baby is his novella which got Alex Award from American Library Association. The same title also received the World Fantasy Award which was given in 2021. Apart from that, A Righteous Man is another excellent title from Tochi that you must enjoy.

The audio narration of this book includes a long cast. The names are Adam Lazarre-White, Juliana Velez, JD Jackson, Nidra Sous La Terre, Kevin R. Free, Tim Campbell, Shayna Small, and Stephanie Willis. They were all exceptional with their performances and you will love the experience.

The 2050s was the era when the planet Earth started to get empty. Those having the privilege and means departed the big cities of the USA for trying to find solace in the much more comfortable zones of the space colonies. The ones who left behind salvaged what they could from the collapsing infrastructure in those great cities. Their neighborhood got cannibalized just when they began to eke out an existence. All of their houses were sent to the space colonies brick by brick.

There will be a primal biblical epic flung right into the future world. Goliath is a novel that weaves together a few dissimilar narratives that all made sense, or at least they were fun to listen to.

Goliath is a superb foretelling with some really good characters. The imagination of the author is awesome. The story is terrifying but at the same time, it is beautifully written as well. The narrators did a wonderful job at their part and made it worth listening audio novel.

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