Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Narrated by Natalie Dormer and presented by Ben Davies, this book is not like one of that Harry Potter novel which we have to listen to and watched in the past. Rather the book provides us a history of the magical world which was presented in the series and after that. For the young minds, the description of the school and everything happening around was ample but for the adults, the details always remained insufficient. J.K. Rowling was not able to tell about the history of the magic world too much because she was always engaged in the story that was continuing along with the personal life of Harry Porter. Here the book explores different domains and goes as far as to the 14th century which seems to be the start of everything. Different magical creatures and the establishment of different markets in the wizarding world are all there in this book. Also, incidents like the Salem witch trial becomes a part of it. For the kids who had fun in the Harry Potter series, this book will appear boring because there is no story.
Different incidents can be found here and there but if you are looking for one solid story the book does not possess that kind of stuff. It is like a history book i.e concrete in information and with no comic or action scenes involved. Also, it does not revolve around one single character or era in which a young mind can focus or fantasize. Still, we can say that after listening to this book you will never have any question about the foundation of the world of magic you witnessed in Harry Porter.

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