Hothouse Orchid

Another devil awaits Holly Barker who after failing in the mission of catching Teddy Fay comes back to her home town. She was closer than she thought in catching Teddy but the criminal proved to be cleverer than she expected. He was toying with the CIA all the time and after he hit his last target he vanished once again forever. Holly got a lot negative gestures because of her mission in Iron Orchid  and the head of the department let her go off the scene for a while. Here in Orchid Beach things are not the same and a monster has taken over the police department.

During her service she once experienced a devil in the ranks that had a habit of harassing and then of course rapping the juniors. Luckily Holly got out of the deadly claws but her friend was not that lucky and thus the devil fed upon her and was never proved guilty in the trial. The man now is the chief of police in the town that Holly once governed. She is first terrified and then becomes alert because she one thing is clear that the people of the town are not safe anymore especially the women. For Holly the time has come to take back what was always hers i.e the Orchid Beach, the place where everything started years ago. Carrington Macduffie not struggling now in narration, the character of the new police chief is depicted excellently. The man is given a lusty tone and he possesses a desire for Holly because he still considers her his prey that slipped out of his hands once.






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