Hunt for Jade Dragon

Michael has powers to control electricity, there was a time when he thought that he was alone in the world and then he was proved wrong. Other beings like him were present around the world and they gathered and formed the Electroclan in Rising of the Elgen when Michael’s mother was taken away. It was Ostin’s program that brought them close together and now they have understood how to coexist. The issue of Michael’s mother is resolved finally and the gang is on to something big now.
A girl in China has finally resolved the mystery behind the whole thing this time. She can tell the electrician why they have this kind of powers and are different from the rest of mankind. Lin Julung has a very sharp IQ level and she possesses the power to solve mysteries in seconds. Sadly when the electroclan reaches China they face a surprise i.e the girl is taken away by the enemy and to ask her for some help they have to save her first.

Taiwan becomes the next stop because the girl is imprisoned there where the enemy is trying to create more like Michael and his friends. Richard Paul Evans has tried to write this with more pace than Storm of Lightning and no doubt the author has succeeded one hundred percent.

Keith Nobbs has also brought accuracy through a perfect narration that is completely error-free. This part resolves many mysteries about Michael and his friends that’s why the ending didn’t come with a lot of surprises this time as compared to the previous parts. Not a huge amount of flashbacks were expected at the start but still, the past does come to light.

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