I, Robot

I, Robot is a literature & fiction novel. It is written by Isaac Asimov. He was an American professor of biochemistry and a highly skillful fictional author. He was mainly known for writing science fiction novels. Among his most significant works, you will find Foundation (Apple Series Tie-in Edition) as one of them. Moreover, Foundation and Empire is another excellent title that the author has written.

The audio narration of I, Robot is done by Scott Brick. He performed marvelously well and the listeners will surely have a good time with his narration for this book.

Here are some excellent stories of the mind-read robots, robots going mad, and robots that have a great sense of humor. There are also stories about robot politicians and the ones who run the entire world secretly. All of these stories are told with an excellent dramatic blend of science fiction and scientific facts which had become the trademark of Isaac Asimov.

The author beautifully shared about three different laws of robots. The first one is that a robot might not injure any human through inaction or enable any human to result harm. The second law says that a robot must always obey any given orders by humans, especially where the given orders go in conflict with the first law. As per the third law, any robot must look to protect its existence and as long as that does not conflict by any means with the first or the second laws.

This one is surely a classic book and if you haven’t attempted this one yet in any format then you are surely missing something big. The audio version by all means is way better than the paperback edition as Scott Brick could be heard at his very best yet again. The way this book paints the picture of the future is commendable.

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