If I Ever Get Out of Here

If I Ever Get Out of Here is a novel written by Eric Gansworth. He is a Haudenosaunee poet, novelist, and visual artist. Give Me Some Truth is a young adult novel written by Eric which you must try if you are a fan of the genre. After this one, you will also like him in his novel titled Apple.

Eric Gansworth himself narrated this novel and made it a good experience for the listeners. Being the writer of this title, he had the full understanding of the characters and that made this performance an easy and successful one for him.


The story in this novel is of Lewis’s “Shoe” Blake. He was the one quite used to with all the difficulties and joys of life in the Tuscarora Indian reservation. It was the time of 1975 and he was accustomed to all the fireball games, the joking, and the snow blowing right through the roof of his room. One thing with which he was not used to was the white people being very nice and polite with him. This included people like George Haddonfield. He was the one whose family relocated recently to the town with the Air Force. As the boys used to connect well through their common passion for music and especially that of the Beatles, Lewis had no choice but to lie about the poverty of his family. He was also supposed to deal with the rancorous Evan Reininger. Lewis was the special target and subject of all his wrath. But when all others were on the side of Evan then how was it possible to defeat him?

This book as a whole is superb. A shoe as a character was just magnificent. You will find him quite smart and highly enjoyable in the story.

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