Injustice for All


Injustice for All is book 3 of the well-received Joe Dillard novel series. It is a mystery thriller with the main protagonist as in the role of a defense attorney. He is Joe Dillard and have another great story in Injustice for All to share with you all. The mystery novels like Reasonable Fear and In Good Faith speak volumes about his abilities as an author.

Injustice for All is narrated by Tim Campbell who is a consistent names in many of the audio versions of novels written by Scott Pratt. He has been phenomenal with his expression, voice, tone and pronunciation about which the general listeners and critics have a unanimous agreement.

In this novel, the incident of a criminal judge is the central plot where his body was found hanging from a tree. It was about a young employee from the office of district attorney who goes missing.

Dillard in this novel discover himself right in the middle of two weird mysteries. The primary suspect in the case of the criminal court judge is the best friend of Dillard’s son. The worst part that happened was that the wife of Dillard might have just destroyed the main evidence of the murder. Meanwhile, the missing girl involved here in the incident turns out to be a kind of a mystery that is far complex than anyone could have imagined.

There are more than two million copies sold for this Joe Dillard series, which is enough evidence of the success of the saga. Moreover, the novel Injustice for All has got a good bit of share in the success. The characters, storyline and plot twists are absolutely stunning and good enough to inspire audience.




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