Invasive is a suspenseful mystery-thriller novel. It is the second installment in the Zer0es novel series. The book is written by Chuck Wendig. He is an American comic book writer, screenwriter, author, and blogger. He rose to prominence with his Star Wars-related work in the Aftermath series and one such recommended title that Chuck has written is Star Wars: Life Debt – Aftermath, Book 2. Apart from this, The Book of Accidents is another top-tier novel by the same author.

Xe Sands is the narrator of this book. She was an amazing fit for the story and the different characters it has. Her voice for Hannah was the best, especially when it was used to deliver all of her complicated feelings.

The story in this novel started with the character of Hannah Stander. She was a consultant working for the FBI. She was also a futurist who could help the FBI with the different cases that needed any sort of demo of the bleeding-edge technology. It was her job to provide them with any help and also to identify any sort of unforeseen threats. Those threats were potentially from hackers, genetic modification, AIs, or anything that may go into the wrong hands that could cause any harm to their homeland.

Hannah was at the airport to board a flight when she received a call coming from Hollis Copper, an FBI agent and that changed the scenario for the worse…

This is a superb novel with an engaging storyline. The listeners will feel like part of the story. They would be in a position to taste danger and fear practically. A lot of credit for the success of this audio novel goes to Xe Sands for her spectacular vocal performance.

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