Bianca Scardoni comes with another new installment in the “Marked” series. Whoever has missed this series till now has seriously missed a lot of fun and action. The series has suspense, action, and a zeal to survive no matter what the situation is. Much damage has been done to Jemma Blackburn’s world from the day she discovered that she didn’t belong to the decent human world. She was living among the humans since she was a little child and that’s why she thought that she was one of them but it was not true.
She was hidden among the humans and now the enemy knows where she is. Her best friend has been abducted and the Amulet has also been snatched from her. If she fails in reclaiming both of these things then she will bear serious consequences. Troubles have been seen in Inception and Iniquitous now things are going to be finalized.

Just when Jemma thought that everything is now visible an evil force comes out of nowhere and this is one surprise the main character was never ready for. With Bailey Carr’s voice, everything is not only audible, it is understandable as well. At supreme speed, the novel amazes many new followers but that’s how Bianca presents the masterpiece.

Instead of getting confused at the pace, the listener should try to concentrate on the smooth movement of the story. It is like a comfortable drive without any jerks on the road that could tease you. The series can be started from any part because the author has a habit of presenting some background all the time for the newcomers.

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