Journey of Fate

The story of the Reborn King ended in the sixth part when Gewey’s son finally put the battle to an end that his father started. Now the evil is gone in this seventh part by Brain D. Anderson but Jayden’s desire for adventure excites him to move further in exploration.

After all he is the son of a god and cannot live the life of an ordinary farmer on the earth forever but his desire gets answered in a way for which he was not prepared. Heaven gets another threat in the form of a missing god and the god is none other than Gewey.

Jayden never expected such a havoc would struck the Heaven and one thing he is now sure of is that the Earth is next on the list unless he gets to Gewey first. In order to reach Gewey he has to go on an adventure ride that the other gods are reluctant to go.

True limits of his power and courage would be tested on the path that might lead him to his death bed. The responsibility lies on Jayden’s shoulders and it is time to test that whether his shoulders are strong enough or not.

Brain D. Anderson wrapped up a quest in The Godling Chronicles: The Reborn King, Book 6 but not the series. New chapter unfolds itself here the characters are mostly the same only the evil force is new and stronger than the one we witnessed in The Godling Chronicles: The Sword of Truth, Book 1.   Real fun to listen to Derek Perkins whose voice is like a motivating pill that excites the listener to listen to the book over and over again. There is life, vibrancy and enthusiasm in the voice which is usually not found these days in the robotic voices of the narrators.






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