Junkyard Dogs

Junkyard Dogs is a mystery book written by George Guidall. It belongs to the series – Walk Longmire and is the sixth book in the series. It features the rough and tough character of Walt Longmire. Make sure to give other books by the author a chance, such as Death Without Company and Kindness Goes Unpunished.

George Guidall has given a near-perfect performance as the narrator of this book. The author paints the picture and the characters, while the narrator brings them to life. Guidall has once again proved his consistency with this audiobook.

It’s a completely volatile economy in Durant, Wyoming. The owners of giant ranchettes want to get rid of an adjacent junkyard. In no time, a severed thumb is discovered in the yard. After that, conflict was bound to happen. Sheriff Walt Longmire and his trusted dog set in motion along with their best friend Henry. Also set in motion are the deputies Santiago and Victoria. They find themselves in an intense situation, unlike the peaceful small town that they live in.
It doesn’t take someone long to end up dead. And that is when the situation seems to be getting out of hand. Then there is also the situation with Victoria. Why is the sheriff reluctant to get in a relationship with her? He might have his reasons, and we can invent our own as the author allows room for interpretation. This is a straightforward story nonetheless. This Walk Longmire mystery is sure to make a fan out of the listener. It is filled with humor and unpredictable twists. The sheriff finds himself in deep this time, in this story of death, life, love, and laughs.

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