Lessons in Etiquette

Whitehall School trained Emily and made her what she is today i.e a girl with magical powers. The girl was well trained and she had high expectations from her future life. Her confrontation with Shady destroyed her image and also her confidence because she lost heavily against him. This time she is presented with another chance in life in the form of Princess Alassa. The princess used to be a messy type of girl once and now she is trying to groom herself to give herself a presentable look.
When the princess met Emily she thought that keeping her intact was a good idea. Emily also took it as a very good opportunity because through the help of the princess she was able to leave earth. The Nameless World in which both these girls land was new for Emily and she didn’t know that so many people over there already know her because of her previous adventures.
Having detailed conversations with the people around was not Emily’s business and here she gets stuck with people having different attitudes. During these meetings, Emily realizes that the princess and Zangaria are under a great threat. An evil force is returning to the land and only Emily is the last line of defense which the land has.
Christopher G. Nuttall portrayed Emily as the one having magical powers but none of us can expect that she would get stuck in such serious business later on. Little Witches and Oathkeeper also got serious in the later part but they were not with a lighter start. This novel opens in the voice of Tavia Gilbert plainly and then everything gets flared up.

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