Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas is the second chapter in the Sookie Stackhouse novel series. The author, Charlaine Harris made good enough fans of her with the first installment. The audience was eagerly anticipating this chapter which didn’t disappoint them as such. The novel and the series is a mystery thriller and this is what you would normally associate with Charlaine Harris. She also wrote a few other successful novels where two of the best ones are Dead Until Dark and Grave Sight.

Johanna Parker seems to be the perfect voice for Sookie. She nailed it in the performance and made that audiobook sound so good. People rate her better than Jim Dale who narrated Harry Potter. This thing peaked the interest of the audience who were thinking about starting with this audiobook. They were not let down for sure.

Sookie Stackhouse, the telepathic mate of the undead puts all of her newfound powers to be tested. After a very unfortunate incident, Sookie Stackhouse discovered herself indebted to the vampires of Louisiana. Therefore, she was not hesitant to travel to Dallas with Bill, who was her boyfriend. They were going there to find a missing vamp. This was only possible if the vamps wow to let the humans there go unharmed. It looks a lot easier said than done especially when the religious cult was threatening to destruct everything.
Sookie Stackhouse series is a must for mystery thriller buffs and Living Dead in Dallas is one of the best novels from it. The writing by Charlaine is impressive with good suspense and humor as well. The audio performance by Johanna is one of the highlights of this novel.

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