Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily

Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily is a book written by Rachel Cohn and coauthored by David Levithan. Rachel I a young adult fiction writer. She started writing in 202 and since then offered some excellent fictional novels for children and young adults. She has collaborated with David Levithan for six books and the subject title is one of them.

The audio narration of this title is done by Ryan Gesell and Tara Sands. It was an incredible performance and they managed to hold their audience tight throughout the narration.


For Lily and Dash, it was the start to look quite like distance. In this title, you will find both of them closer to each other than ever before. It was a lot too bad that they were then one complete ocean apart. Once Dash got admitted to Oxford University and Lily preferred to stay in Ney Work to take care of her business then the couple had to struggle with their long-distance relationship to work. When Dash shared the news that he wouldn’t be coming back to the USA for Christmas then Lily made a decision. The decision was that she would join Dash in London if he is not coming over.

It was an ideal romantic gesture by lily which spun out of her control later on. Soon, Lily and Dash were feeling the gap in between their relationship, even though, they were both in the same city. Will it be possible for both of them to come together again in London?

The first two chapters in the series were the top kind of far-fetched fiction. This one failed to create and closer impression.

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