Making the low lives heroes in the novels is the routine of Drew Hayes, the plot is serious in the author’s works but not the story. The story has humor, a lot of it just when the one listening to it expects raw action. No matter what you call the stories but still their gripping and appealing potential is undeniable.

Just reading or listening to a single part will make the audience crave for more of the stuff in which ordinary people like them rise to the scene for a show. All have heard about fictional creatures like fairies, magicians and upper heroes performing amazing tasks but ordinary man don’t plunge into extraordinary work. In Super Powereds: Year 3 and Super Powereds: Year 4 it was noticeable that it was not the heroes but the powereds who were dominant. The four friends that appear in the town at the time of trouble are commoners. They pretend to be adventurers just for the sake of some respect but the town when struck with calamity has no one left except them.

With no professional training and no war weapons the four non-players land into trouble because of their big mouths. One way for them to get out alive from all this is winning the fight. This seems to be tough for the adventurers even because the enemy is a mighty force. Narrated in the heavy and manly voice of Roger Wayne the novel is more about the transformation of simple humans into legendary figures. The novel is pure entertainment for all who have loved the previous books about such type of heroes by the author.

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