One of Us Is Lying

Past irritates another one of Shalini Boland’s characters when she thought it was buried too deep to even leak. Tia an ideal mother and a good friend like her cool and calm life in the town that is just like her i.e placid. The woman has no passion to rise further up her only aim is to nourish her children well and then retire from the grind of daily chores.

But when someone press you hard what can you do to survive other than pushing him back. Worried about the psychological condition of her daughter Tia wants to investigate what was wrong with her. The little girl was usually the talkative type and liked a time out with her mother in the evening but now she has changed.

Someone had robbed her smile but who can do such an act with a five year old little girl. Reality is that she now knows the truth about her mother, the truth her mother had been hiding for years. The secret was known to Fiona and Kelly who were close friends of Tia but now she does not trust anyone. There is someone who wants to destroy her life completely and she wants to know why he is doing all this.

The suspense is just like the one found in The Secret Mother and The Perfect Family but suspense had not been the sole purpose of listening to Boland’s works. There is something more to the stories like rising of characters on the occasion and the might climax. Not to forget Katie Villa’s performance as the narrator of the thriller, she was brilliant with the kid’s dialogues.

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