Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark is a suspenseful mystery-thriller novel. It is the 4th chapter in Orphan X’s (Even Smoak) novel series. It is authored by Gregg Hurwitz. He is a capable mystery thriller novelist and as proof of it, he has quite a rick archive. It is dominated mainly by his Into the Fire and Prodigal Son novels.

Scott Brick is here to bless this audiobook with his soulful voice. His performance was loved by listeners and it fulfilled all qualitative criteria of a complete vocal performance

Ewan Smoak, the main character of this novel was raised under the Orphan Program. He was also trained by them for a mission to set up intelligence assets, which is to make him an assassin. He was called Orphan X. he just broke with the Orphan Program. He maximized everything that he learned for making himself disappear. He further went on to recreate himself as the Nowhere Man. He was a man who could support the real desperate people when it is not possible to do it by anyone else. But, it is now the past of Evan Smoak that is catching upon him.
The Orphan X series gets better and better with every new installment. Out of the Dark didn’t disappoint its audience. It has a super-strong storyline. The beauty of this novel and the series is that every chapter could be read as a standalone novel. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the series. It is also worthy to mention the strong performance by Scott Brick. He made the mood of all the listeners investing their time in this novel.

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