Paper Towns

 Paper Towns is a fictional title. It is written by John Green. He is an American YouTube content creator, podcaster, and writer. He is the recipient of the Printz Award in 2006 for his debut title, Looking for Alaska. A number of his other titles were made to the bestselling list of New York Times. The Fault in Our Stars is probably his most liked novel.

The narration of Paper Towns novel is done by Dan John Miller. The performance was good but the poor audio recording ruined it to some extent.

When Margo beckoned Quentin right in the middle of the night then he started to follow her. He was all dressed like a ninja and was plotting a clever crusade of revenge. Margo is the one who was known for panning extravagantly always and so far, she has planned solo every time.  After a long time of loving Margo distantly, things were eventually looking up for Q. Then the day started and she disappeared without a trace. Margo has been an enigma since ever and now he has become a mystery. However, there are plenty of clues out there and those were all for Q.

The prestigious Printz Medalist writer John green returns with this title with a bang. You will find this author with his trademark brilliance and awesome wit. There will also be heart-wrenching honesty shown in the story and the characters of this title which will surely inspire a new age of listeners. Paper Towns is an awesome book with a fantastic story and amazing characters. You will enjoy this novel throughout except that the audio recording was not so great.

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