Please See Us

Story about two women who are stranded by the society becomes interesting page after page because the mystery starts gripping us. The voice of Corey Brill, Piper Goodeye, Dara Rosenberg and Hillary Huber is another luxury the listener finds because he can distinguish between the male and female characters in a rather easy way. Each character is given a separate voice along with a different character. It is summer time in the Atlantic City and the two strange women are about to collide for a single purpose. Clara and Lily never thought that they would meet in such an unlikely pattern.

Clara has spent her life in Tarot reading and this has been her sole source of earning. Lily paints a few things every now and then but she after facing a tragedy is not in her full senses. Both these women combine their forces when one of them gets a disturbing vision about the abduction of women and she thinks that she might be able to help the police on the case. But she needs Lily’s help and they think that they might be able to catch the criminal before he gets to the next target and thus a life can be saved.

Caitlin Mullen the author of masterpieces like Wiseguy and The Troop provides in the nest possible way the emotions of two women who are distracted by the dreams that they have. And in this mental condition they seek a way out i.e a way in which they could prove helpful to another girl about to face the same kind of issue. They think that saving her life would be like saving their own in the years to come.






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