Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

No one can say this for sure that if Jane Austen would have been alive what would be her reaction to see the ladies of her story fighting zombies. Jane Austen talks about different marriages in the original version and the problems that the girls face at the time of selecting the right man for them. The legendary writer never thought that the girls could have zombie issues, well Seth Grahame-Smith like always deals it with a fictional angle. Elizabeth Bennet the main girl of the show is in Meryton where she wants to end all the undead before starting a new chapter in her life.

Though she is distracted by the presence of Mr. Darcy who appeals to her to the core but still she cannot discontinue her job. The powers of the Satan are increasing and she must act in time before the whole of England is at the mercy of the undead. The girl is a hell of a fighter which differentiates her from the Elizabeth of Jane Austen, however she still has one thing in plenty i.e pride and stubbornness.

Katherine Kellgren enhances the comic show more with her voice and none could have portrayed Elizabeth better than her. After an experiment in the form of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Unholy Night the writer has started a series for the first time. The one ingredient that never goes away is the originality in portraying the era. Here the whole theme is different and still the language and the style that is adopted is borrowed from the original work of Jane Austen. If you are ready to laugh after listening to a fiction this book will provide you for sure what you need.





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